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A History of Excellence

Spies Hecker has been writing paint history for more than 130 years. With futuristic products for car and commercial vehicle repairs, we are one of the leading suppliers in this field today. We have a long tradition of pioneering the major paint developments of era. From coach paint in 1882 to the modern vehicle refinish, Spies Hecker has come a long way. From these beginnings to today, customer driven technical solutions and a close, cooperative relationship have always been at the core of our philosophy.

In 1882, two brothers with the last name Spies teamed up with Adolf Hecker to open a paint factory. At first, they found their niche painting horse-drawn coaches. Soon after the first motor car was built, the trio realised the potential for their product. In 1900 Spies Hecker began manufacturing paint technologies exclusively for automobiles.

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During the past 130+ years the company has grown into one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Automotive Refinish Paint, exporting its products to over 160.000 customers in 70 countries throughout the world.

A lot has changed over the years - technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace and environmental awareness has heightened. Realising the need to change in order to be successful in the future, Spies Hecker has endeavoured to bring customers into the 21st century, knowing there is more to consider than simply the cost of a can of paint.

Refinishing professionals turn to Spies Hecker New Zealand for high-quality products & services, superior colour accuracy, European formulation & technology and an extensive network of training and support. 

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Expertise in Service

Spies Hecker New Zealand offers not just advanced paint technologies but also the service you require to help you achieve perfect paintwork results. Our desire is not only to ensure the long-term security of our partners in industry, but also to ensure our customers have access to the highest levels of customer support. Programs such as Customer First where everyone involved within Spies Hecker New Zealand, from order desk, warehouse, accounts, sales and distributors realise and focus on the value of service to our customers. Spies Hecker New Zealand and our peoples commitment to providing the highest global standards of service and support, will ensure our company continues to concentrate on the core values, on which our success has been built.

Serving the users of these products are a team of distributors carefully hand-picked for their commitment to the refinishing market, stocking capacity, technical ability, location and commitment to customer service. Through your Spies Hecker distributor, whom regularly receives extensive training you have immediate access to the Spies Hecker systems which suit your needs, all backed by comprehensive technical support and outstanding colour matching expertise.

Priority in Training

With the refinish industry going through constant change, and repair technology becoming increasingly complex, the bodyshop regularly needs to learn new techniques and working practices in order to remain successful.

Spies Hecker New Zealand and the Auto Refinish Training Centre can be the key to your future, as they are committed to providing expert training in all aspects of Automotive refinishing. We also provide training in the bodyshop, where a technical demonstrator is available in your area, his job, to assist in making Spies Hecker's products work for our customers, throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand.

Leading Edge Technology

Spies Hecker is a member of DuPont Performance Coatings. The combined strength of this group makes it the largest O.E.M and refinish coatings supplier, to the automotive industry world-wide, while threatening the position for market leadership in Australiasia. Through this association Spies Hecker will continue the development of high technology refinish systems, and business programs that improve the productivity of the Bodyshop.

Extensive know-how, more than 130+ years of experience and exceptional commitment form the basis on which Spies Hecker develops tried-and-tested solutions for your business needs. Solutions that help you rise to the growing demands of the refinish market and achieve the competitive edge you want over your market rivals. Spies Hecker is constantly searching for new and improved ways to help you save both spraying and drying time as well as material.

Spies Hecker New Zealand will be the industry benchmark for quality, service, and business support. Our range of products, systems and programs, will be developed in the context of what the refinisher really needs, designed and packaged to ensure that the Bodyshop will have the very latest product and system technology. Be prepared to face and conquer the challenges of 21st century industry change with Spies Hecker.

Spies Hecker System

Every day you face the fresh challenge of providing a top quality finish for your customers. Yet the results that you can achieve will only be as good as the paint technologies you employ will allow. Guarantee your customers a first-class finish by using Spies Hecker.

The Spies Hecker system is recognised as one of the worlds leading automotive refinish systems, a fact easily illustrated by the numerous OEM approvals.

The Spies Hecker premium refinishing system is designed to make money for your body shop. It's simple to use, versatile and fast. Our system gives you what you really want: satisfied customers. The Spies Hecker system is simple. It allows the staff at your shop to become familiar with it quickly. That means greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Our system delivers more colour formulas, with greater accuracy than any other system. So you spend less time experimenting and more time painting. You paint more vehicles and waste less shop time and materials. The result: lower costs, fewer comebacks and margins as good as gold. 


OEM Approvals

Customer satisfaction is an area where the car industry takes no chances. That's obvious because long before a new model is released on the market, engineers and designers have often worked for years on the technology, the shape and not least the paintwork. Considering this level of development work its not surprising that the car industry also gives top priority to perfect refinishing of its vehicles.

To guarantee impeccable results, various car manufacturers have introduced approvals for refinishing paints. Spies Hecker premium refinishing products have been officially endorsed by the biggest names in the automotive industry. A total of 36 global approvals including the majority of European, Japanese and North American car manufacturers including Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota and many more, have approved the Spies Hecker refinishing systems.

In fact, we are proud to say that Spies Hecker has the most approvals of any paint producer.

Some Milestones

 1882    Company establishment/varnish production for coaches.
 1900    Vehicle refinishes are included in the product range.
 1912    The corporation Spies, Hecker & Co. GmbH is established.
 1948    Construction of a new, modern company building.
 1955    Spies Hecker starts to export paint (NL).
 1974    Integration in the Hoechst Group.
 1979    Spies Hecker supplies its first customers overseas.
 1980    Market launch of the 2-coat system – Base Coat 293/295 and clear coat.
 1981    First Spies Hecker Training Center.
 1994    Launch of waterborne base coat technology – Permahyd 280/285.
 1999    Integration in the DuPont Group.

   Market launch of a mixing concentrate system for commercial vehicles.
 First UV-curing product.

   125 years anniversary.
 Opening of the new Spies Hecker Center in Cologne.
 2010    Launch of Permahyd Base Coat Hi-TEC 480.
 2013    Integration in Axalta Coating Systems.


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