Lechler History


Lechler since 1858 - The culture of colour for your life

For over a century, we have been promoting the culture of colour. We know the language, and the neologisms; we study the trends and future scenarios. But above all, we own the technology to produce all these things.

Finally, the "colour idea" has become a determining element in the design of a space, room or object.

...and we won't stop colouring the world.


Lechler: over 150 years of history


Lechler Color Design: Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour.


Lechler S.p.A. acquire the control of the I.V.E. Group and set foot in the Brazilian market.


Lechler celebrate 100 years, rich in history, plenty of avant-garde ideas, challenges, evolution and progress. An Italian history, which begins on the 24th February 1910 when Chr. Lechler & Figlio Successori in Ponte Chiasso acquire rights to the brand and becomes an Fabbrica italiana di vernici e smalti (Italian paint and coatings factory). Dr Agop Manoukian, President of Lechler S.p.A., write the second volume of the Lechler series Lechler.Chronicles of a Brand titled “One hundred years of Italy’s Lechler” and the third is a collection of pictures named "Through Images".


To celebrate the 150 years of our brand, Dr. Agop Manoukian writes the first volume of a series of three volumes edited by OEMME Venice: Lechler. Chronicles of a Brand. The first volume of the series is titled “Paints and Coatings since 1858”.


The new production plant for Industrial water based products is installed in Foligno.


The world-renowned Stoppani brand of Marine coatings established over many years in the European market is acquired.


LechlerTech is developed for the industrial customer offering versatility, quality, performance and choice making then competitive on durability and cost in the market place.


The new production plant for Hydrofan system is installed in Foligno: starts a new era of the third generation water based system, called H3O.


The Centre for Excellence is opened in a multipurpose building dedicated to the technical training with refresher courses for customers for all the Lechler coatings products.


Group restructuring - Lechler SpA is founded by merging all Italian Companies in the Group.


Hydrofan is developed, the system that considerably reduces the solvent impact into the atmosphere.


Opening in Kassel of Lechler Coatings Germany.


Consolidation of all Decorative activities into a new brand called Chrèon.


Further development of foreign subsidiaries - Lechler Coatings France and Lechler Coatings Iberica.


First approval to ISO 9001 standard.


The opening of Lechler Coatings UK near Manchester: the global expansion phase starts.


Acquisition of Argon in Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO) producing printing inks and printing equipment.


Acquisition of a company in Foligno (PG) producing decorative paints.


Lechler develops its multipurpose system and enters the General Industry market.


BSB: the new two-coat system for car refinish. The Lechler product is used in the Fiat plant of Rivalta (TO) for the new models in metallic colour for the Fiat 128 and 131.


The new plant and the headquarters in Como - Rebbio and Luisago are inaugurated.


The first inks for textile printing are developed with the Manoukian brand.


With the entry of Ing. Noubar Manoukian starts the technical restructuring of production.


Frama's products are sold for the decorative and fine art sectors.


F.lli Manoukian - Frama is born to develop the cosmetics make-up sector.


The company orientates towards manufacture and marketing of Refinish and Industry paints. In this period was developed Lechleroid, the first nitro-combi topcoat for car refinish.


Syntex: the first alkyd resin topcoat created to an original Italian formulation was developed by the Research & Development department.


With the entry of Dr. Onnik Manoukian independent R&D activities begin.


The Italian subsidiary becomes independent. The Lechler brand is now deeply rooted in the country.


The opening in Ponte Chiasso (Como) of the Italian subsidiary.


The establishment in Germany in Stuttgart of the paint company.

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