House of Kolor - SHIMRIN2

Shimrin2® is the 2nd generation of the proven Shimrin® Basecoat technology introduced in 1982. Shimrin2® is the next generation of robust ground-breaking universal basecoats from House of Kolor. Through new polymers and innovative chemistry we are able to meet and exceed waterborne with a solvent based system and allow you the painter to create hundreds of easy to mix and use kolors that are the most exciting, from the latest pearl technology. Shimrin2® basecoats are ultra productive, easy to apply, and range from Metallic Basecoats (BC), Pearl Basecoats (PBC), and Kandy Basecoats (KBC). Shimrin2® Basecoats are a three component system that consists of our S2 FX Karrier Bases, S2-FX Effect Pacs and RU Series Kosmic reducers. 

S2-00 Trans Nebulae is the beginning of all Shimrin2® effects, making it the heart of the Shimrin2® product system. This diverse component of the S2 FX Karrier Base Series is used to create straight effects with no pigment, KBC Kandy Basecoats, tri-stage coats, and much more. Colour styling is a breeze with S2 FX Karrier Bases S2-01 through S2-16.
From classic favorites like Galaxy Gray, Solar Gold, and Planet Green to new trend setting colours like Eclipse Orange, Solar Flare Red, Lunar Yellow, and Mayan Magenta. These new FX Karrier Bases will have your jaws dropping with extreme clarity, Kandy-like micro grind of pigments, and full spectrum of colour attributed to advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative chemistry, and robust polymer engineering.

Prepare to be floored by our new Shimrin2® FX Kosmic Spark® Series. These pearls are by far the most brilliant pearls viewed in the Sun ever developed. Kosmic Sparks offer you the whitest White pearl possible, and a spectrum of kolors to expand your palette. FX Kosmic Sparks are the same platelet size as other pearls, but twice as brilliant!

The Shimrin2® Metalume® Series FX are as unique as they are brilliant. Using the finest aluminum flake technology, the Metalumes allow you the painter to choose virtually any finish you desire, from Satin to Super Bling, the Spectrum is there!

Looking for a natural, earthy finish for your kustom ride? Look no further than
Shimrin2® FX Kosamene® Series. These earthy fine grain pearls are excellent for Air
Brushing or fast coverage on graphics, and more. The sky’s the limit!

Shimrin2® FX Kosmatic Styling Pearls are as tough as their namesake, House of Kolor Founder Jon Kosmoski. These are the latest in Pearl technology with tinting strength never seen before in any Pearl pigment, and the color flop direction is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Ride in style with the FX Kosmatic Styling Pearls!

House of Kolor proudly introduces the next generation of our highly popular Metajuls® MBC Series in the Shimrin2® system. Shimrin2® FX Metajuls® Series feature more colours than ever in an easy to use system. If you want a metal flake look without the intense labor normally associated with flakes, the FX Metajuls® will blow your mind!

House of Kolor changed the face of the kustom paint industry with our revolutionary Kameleon® kolors and pearls. We’ve done it again with the new Shimrin2® FX Kameleon® Series. Do you want kolors that change as you move around your vehicle? Amazing effects are yours with an increased palette of kolors. You set the tone with Shimrin2® FX Kameleons, whether you want subtle or dynamic colour shifts.

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