Industrial Paint Solutions Ltd

Industrial Paint Solutions Ltd was established in 2004 to specialise in the supply of the latest in European paint technology and related consumable products to the general Industrial and commercial fleet paint markets.

Lechler Industrial Paint Coatings
Industrial Paint Solutions (IPS) major agency is the Lechler brand of Industrial Paint Coatings, a specialised privately owned Industrial Coatings manufacturer with a history of more than a century, headquartered in Como, Italy, employing in excess of 500 people, with a turnover in excess of 100 million euros. Lechler was established in Germany in 1858 and thanks to its history of technological achievements, the company has always been a leading manufacturer in the international market concerning the paint systems for industrial applications.

R & D: The technical heart
In Lechler more than a hundred technicians work in specialised sector based laboratories which are integrated into a company wide network thus allowing full cross fertilisation of know how in research and development.

Auckland Colour Matching Laboratory
The multi-directional research, which results from Lechler's presence in a variety of market sectors, allows Lechler to evaluate the results of its innovative processes in many different applications. This spin off effect has guaranteed that the end user of Lechler products will be able to take advantage of the most up to date, often frontier-breaking technology. New products are developed in accordance with the requisite quality standards and in conformity with environmental health and safety legislation.

Technical updates of the product range are an essential part of the R & D programme. The process of launching a new product - from research and development through production through marketing - is certified in accordance with the latest ISO: 9000 quality standards.

Customer Care - Training and Support
A key feature of IPS lies in the high profile given to training and customer support as opposed to advertising. Customer service includes the employment of trained Technical Demonstrators, who are on call to provide technical and practical support to end users, providing complete real-time information management for the customer.

Industrial Paint Solutions training centre for excellence in Auckland provides both theoretical and practical training on both product and application techniques. The state of the art equipment in the centre together with our professional trainers ensures the highest professional standards.

The Technical Support network of distributors provides specialist pre and post-sales assistance to its customers throughout New Zealand. How many of the manufactured goods around us are painted or coated? Lechler through its long history has applied its technical and human resources with enthusiasm and commitment in order to continuously improve its capabilities and extend its product offerings. The gloss on painted metal, an impenetrable barrier against corrosion, a flexible coating to cope with mechanical stress, just some of the tasks carried out by IPS and its distributors to serve both our customers and the ultimate consumer.

The alliance with our distributors has represented an important factor in how to reach the consumer, how to develop the necessary colours, how to augment the product range and has led Lechler to conceive Lechsys: the new polyvalent Industrial mixing system. A form of decentralised production that allows the local distributor to become the manufacturer, to realise thousands of colour types with many different products.

Today IPS and Lechler can claim to be a market leader in offering a modular system through its distribution channels. With its multi-functional systems Lechler technology provides companies with products that have been developed from extensive experience acquired by working directly with the users in situ. Our distributors are an important link in service to the customer; this is reflected in the close support we provide our distribution. The capability of Industrial Paint Solutions Ltd to offer a large range of products, product customisation, on-site assistance and the guarantee of total quality of products is the ideal reference point in the industrial painting field for companies that are seeking a reliable partner.

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