Rislone History


Founded in 1921 by the Shaler Company, Rislone was one of the original automotive chemical additives. The machining tolerances for early automobiles were not what they are today. Subsequently, one of the major problems was improper piston ring seating. Engines often had to be torn down every 3,000 to 5,000 kilometres and re-ringed.

Rislone was originally sold in glass bottles through service stations along with Shaler Hot Patches, a vulcanizing system for tyre repair. In the 1930s, Shaler built product awareness by combining showmanship and salesmanship with the Shaler Traveling Circus. Along with the engine performance benefits, Rislone was instrumental in coining one of the most common phrases in automotive vernacular: The Tune Up. In the late 1930s, Shaler developed a training system for mechanics called the Shaler Rislone Tune Up System. The benefits of a Tune Up to both customer and service provider were numerous. By enhancing a regular oil change with the addition of Rislone and Karbout, a Shaler product for cleaning carburetors, the mechanic was able to guarantee the customer "Feelable Improvement” in the car’s performance. Locations that followed the system were designated as "Authorized Tune Up Service Stations."

During the 1940s and 50s, Rislone was offering a "Money Back Guarantee of Smooth Driving Satisfaction." Advertisements in publications such as Life and The Saturday Evening Post challenged drivers to add Rislone during an oil change, and then drive 16 kilometres. If the beneficial effects of the additive were not felt within 16 kilometres, they could return to the dealer for a full refund. Of the more than 20 million guarantee cards issued with the purchase of Rislone, fewer than one half of one percent were returned for a refund.



Throughout its impressive history, Rislone has provided enhanced engine performance in a wide variety of applications.

Nationally known users of Rislone throughout the years include: The U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and other branches of the United States Government; Allis-Chalmers; the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Co.; International Harvester; Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.; DeHaviland Aircraft; Ford Motor Co.; the Oshkosh Motor Truck Company; and numerous Checker Cab fleets.

Perhaps the most famous user of Rislone was Admiral Richard Byrd during his expedition to the South Pole. A letter sent from the expedition’s supply officer to the Rislone distributor, along with an unused can from the trip, states that,"... as our expedition was the first in the history of Antarctic exploration to use, successfully, completely mechanized transport - which consisted of three Citroen tractors, a Cletrac 30-40 and two Ford snowmobiles - Shaler should be proud to be an undoubted factor in making for this success."



The Mermuys family announced its purchase of the Shaler Company and Rislone name brand in May of 2006. The goal was to maintain the integrity of the original Rislone formula while updating the overall look of the products you see in stores today.

Rislone Engine Treatment still provides penetrating lubrication and contains a proprietary additive package to remove sludge and prevent harmful engine deposits from forming. Additionally, wear protection and improved engine cleanliness can be expected. The inclusion of SJ additive package helps ensure compatibility with manufacturers’ new vehicle warranty. Rislone is fully compatible with all petroleum based and synthetic motor oils.

As the Rislone name brand enters its 88th year of business, the product line includes Rislone Ring Seal, Rislone Premium Quality 2-Cycle Engine Oil, Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal, and the Rislone Fuel Injection Cleaner a fuel additive that is specially designed to lubricate the upper cylinder of an engine and offers full time lubrication of your fuel system that reduces friction, wear and excess heat.



For over 35 years Smits Group has serviced the New Zealand automotive aftermarket focusing strongly on leading brands and customer service. Smits Group was appointed as the Australia / New Zealand distributor of the Rislone brand in July 2010. Our customers can be assured that our products are sourced with vigilance for their quality and high performance. Smits Group is a growing company which looks beyond the "now" and "here" and constantly looks to the future and abroad for potential development and innovation. 



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