The history of Roberlo begins in 1968 as a personal project of Mr. Llorenç Juher, a project designed and carried out by a person who today would be defined as an entrepreneur.

Right from the start the company has been characterised by its constant quest for innovation, progressive improvements to products and manufacturing methods, and constant adaptation to environmental requirements.

Our customer’s confidence in our products and our international vocation has led to a presence in over 100 countries around the world and has made us one of the leading European manufacturers of chemical products.

Being the leading company in the production of lightweight fillers or the first to use dual component cartridges in the car refinishing market are just two examples of how we have managed to become a benchmark in our sector.

Our drive for growth has not only led us to explore new countries but also new business sectors. The result is that today Roberlo is manufacturing and marketing products in such diverse areas as the automotive, construction, industrial, nautical and DIY sectors.

In short, our history has been defined by our constant investment in technology, internationalization and uninterrupted growth. Take a look at the company’s progress in the timeline below.


Winning and maintaining your trust is our sole objective. And we believe that the best way to do this is by providing you with outstanding products and an even better service by a highly professional and motivated team of staff.

We do everything possible to find you the right solutions; we involve ourselves in your projects to make them our own and we visit every one of our markets so we can understand and adapt to them.

We are passionate about our work and look to the future with enthusiasm. Based on this premise it is easier to tackle the new challenges that we take on board with you. We strive to understand your needs and seek out whatever makes your work easier, and we honestly believe that more often than not we manage to achieve this goal.

We have years of experience in providing outstanding support for sector professionals, and yet we still look to the future with all the enthusiasm of a new kid on the block. And now, to keep moving forward, all we need is to continue counting on you, as we have done up to now. This trust has made Roberlo what it is today, and we intend to work to maintain that trust.

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