FRSH Scents pushes to lead the industry to deliver a high quality product while ensuring a high focus on sustainability. Every FRSH Scents product reduces waste and poverty. As a socially responsible manufacturer, FRSH Scents wanted to ensure they were a part of the solution, not the problem, and have developed a brand and product range that is great for customers, but also contributes to the greater good.

FRSH Scents works with The Plastic Bank, which is an offset program, with a mission to stop Ocean Plastic and to improve the lives of those in poverty. Every FRSH Scents product contributes to the program and pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. As a result all the FRSH Scents products are responsible for more plastic being reclaimed and recycled than is used to make the air freshener. This means each FRSH Scents product is Certified Plastic Neutral. So you can now enjoy the use of your FRSH Scents air fresheners, knowing you have done good for the environment and helping those in poverty.



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