Anest Iwata brings to the Australasian market a wide range of equipment for the spraying of liquid coatings.

These may be for automotive uses; both at production and at refinish levels, for the application of decorative building coatings and for furniture spraying. They can even supply equipment for the beauty industry where it is possible to spray make up, airbrush finger nails, body art and spray on imitation suntans.

At their disposal are the vast technical resources of the international Anest Iwata group, the Airlessco Corporation for airless spray units and the Martech Corporation – leaders in the field of breathable air monitoring. A wide range of PaintSmart consumable products further supports these core products.

With a history in coatings application stretching back more than 70 years, a network of over 1000 distributors, company representation in all states of Australia, a culture that fosters a can do attitude and a philosophy that places customer service at the forefront, you can be sure that we are here for the long term.

If you need to spray it, think Cormack Anest Iwata, specialists in spraying!

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