Body filler, aerosols, rust treatments, hand cleaners and more

Septone Products is a family-owned, Australian company with more than 60 years experience in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Established in 1943, Septone has an extensive range of products, which caters for markets including Automotive (trade and retail), Industrial, Mining, Hygiene, Hardware, Hospitality, Transport and Marine.


The Septone brand name has been built on a reputation of producing superior Australian-made products that are designed and manufactured with careful consideration to ensure the success of the products and provide ultimate customer satisfaction. 
The company is passionate about its history of manufacturing first-class chemical products that are distributed Australia-wide and also to an extensive export market. 

The focus on customer service has seen Septone progress to the national, even international business it is today. With experienced staff and major distributors across Australia, Septone’s team of experts are equipped with the knowledge required to exceed all customer expectations. 

With an ultra modern research and development facility, Septone has pioneered a number of “Australia-first” products in the automotive and industrial speciality markets. The company is constantly looking at ways to improve and create innovative products that are up to date with modern requirements. The pride it takes in developing quality, affordable products also extends as far as the packaging and branding of products, which is stylish, practical and instantly recognisable.

Septone’s web site offers customers a range of on-line services. Customers can place orders on-line, track freight at any time, receive technical advice and view Material Safety Data Sheets on the complete product range.

A member of the “Australia Made” campaign and ISO9001 accredited, Septone proudly displays the green and gold logo on its product range and is committed to producing quality Australian products at affordable prices.

Septone aims to continue improving its performance through innovation including employing new technology, reducing its impact on the environment, providing staff training that emphasises quality, safety and customer satisfaction and increasing its focus on providing only the very best service to its customers.

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