3M 581C BLUE FIBRE DISC 100 X 16MM 60 GRIT 61743

3M's 581C Fibre Discs have been developed for a wide variety of general purpose metalworking applications. Discs use a reliable alumina zirconia abrasive, giving good performance on mild and stainless steels for all purpose metal finishing.

  • Good performing, consistant fibre disc, providing a quality finish at an economical price.
  • Coveniently packaged with 50 discs on a reusable disc clamping system, for easy storage and retention of disc shape and form.
  • For use when grinding and finishing weld seams, containers, machine parts steel construction industrial maintenenance, general sheet metal and workshop applications.
  • For use on all metals
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit different applications
  • 60 GRIT
  • 100MM x 16MM
  • Single Disc

CODE: GC800984681