S2-SG100 Intercoat is an important tool for the custom painter. It is designed to be applied over a base color, prior to taped art work. This allows for easy removal of mis-tapes or other errors without damage to base color. We recommend KC20 as the only clean up solvent. The intercoat is also applied over art work to preserve blending and fogging of various colors before applying kandy or klear topcoats. S2-SG100 is not a build up klear or a top coat klear. When used as a carrier for basecoat kandys, pearls or flakes, limit applied coats to 4. Considered a must over Marblizer® before kandy or klear to guarantee adhesion. S2-SG100 Intercoat, as you can see, is an important workhorse for the painter!

CODE: S2-SG100.G17



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