MET 9150 2K MS PLATINUM CLEAR 946ml / 1 QT

The Platinum Series MS Clear is a user-friendly, 2:1 acrylic urethane clear coat system designed for professional refinishing shops and other production environments where speed and dependability are essential. It provides excellent flow and leveling, superior gloss retention, and distinctness of image.

Exceptionally easy to use for either partial or complete refinishing jobs, with superior resistance to shrinkage and dieback, Metalux Platinum Series medium solids clearcoat also remains easy to buff for day-after applications.

Faster and easier to apply than high solids clearcoats the new Platinum Series offers you the choice of fast, medium or slow hardeners for spot, panel or overall finishing.

  •  Mix 2:1:10-20%
  •  Excellent Flow and Leveling Properties
  •  High Gloss
  •  Excellent Durability
  •  High Build
  •  Long Pot Life
  •  Reduces Booth Time

CODE: 9150-Q



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