SAGOLA presents its top technological expression in bodywork finishing spray guns. Smaller, lighter, with optimal weight distribution and more comfortable.

With a new shiny and modern design and most carefully designed ergonomics which offer enviable balance and usability and perfect mechanisation. SAGOLA tackles all present challenges of vehicle refinishing.

With this model SAGOLA offers the widest range of solutions for all the new paints launched by the main paint brands for refinishing.

The New 4600 Xtreme is launched with the highest SAGOLA manufacturing standards, competitive prices whilst maintaining a superb service and offering the best warrantee (3 years). All this with strict compliance with the most demanding standards of manufacture and emissions of solvents, with XTREME and XTREME HVLP systems.

NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY AIR DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - Carried out at the tip of the air cap, it creates a finer and smoother spray. P 08380132.4 / MD 200701164

NEW PROGRESSIVE ACTION VALVE - SOFT FLOW - Higher precision and smoothness.

NEW PRODUCT REGULATOR DESIGN - Modern design without sharp edges, it makes easier cleaning. New stainless steel guide box. Built in vernier for precise flow regulation.

NEW SPRAY FAN REGULATOR DESIGN - Modern design without sharp edges, it makes easier cleaning. With connection in stainless steel. With less travel and greater precision. Suitable for right and left handed.

BODY in highly resistant ANODIZED FORGED ALUMINIUM - DC 924667-0004

AT THE VANGUARD OF TECHNOLOGY “METAL TO METAL” - The high-end mechanisation technology used makes it the only spray gun in the bodywork market that is manufactured without any kind of gasket, interior or exterior, at the closures between the air and paint. Minimum number of spare parts.

One single piece AUTOMATIC PAINT PACKING GLAND - Unique in the market. It avoids manipulation and breakage of the glands and makes easier to remove it for a through cleaning of the paint part.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN OF THE HANDLE - Rounder, more ergonomic and comfortable. Enables perfectly balanced movements while painting. P 7380321,5

ERGONOMIC AND CONFORTABLE TRIGGER - New design, reduces fatigue. 100% stainless steel. New screw and saft in stainless steel.

  • Extreme finishes
  • High precision air flow regulator
  • Perfect waterborne paint uniformity
  • Silvers, pearls
  • The highest gloss in HS clearcoats
  • Economy in paint consumption
  • Easy and smooth handling
  • EPA XTREME and XTREME HVLP systems
  • Maximum product transfer
  • Maximum robustness and minimum maintenance
  • Ergonomics, light and equilibrated
  • PSI/BAR version (consult)

DVR TITANIA AIR CAP -  identified with different colors (COLOR SYSTEM). Ultra-fine paint particle size and bigger spray patterns. Designed to get best answer at every pressure. With aerodynamic mechanisations at the lugs to avoid turbulences and paint rebounds.

  • Air consumption: 315 L/min
  • Average paint output flow: 233 g/min
  • Fan size: 265 - 285 mm
  • Recommended pressure: 2.0 - 2.5 bar
  • Applications: Clearcoats, Single Stage
  • Paints, Basecoats, Industrial Bodyshop


CODE: 10142202



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