9044 PERMASOLID® CLEARCOAT COLOUR ADDITIVE TRANSPARENT RED - A clearcoat additive used to tint your existing clearcoat for matching and repairing unique OEM colours like Renault Rouge Flamme. The resulting tinted clearcoat can be used over either Permacron® Basecoat Series 293/295 or Permahyd® Hi-TEC 480.

The automotive industry’s love of tinted clears is on-going. Now, Spies Hecker is offering 100ml of Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additives.

From Hot Magenta to Rouge Flamme or Candy Blue, the Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additives are often only used in small quantities when it comes to repairs on tinted 2K High Solids Clearcoats. So the new packaging size for the colour additives, which contains 100ml of the additive, is a perfect size for the needs of many bodyshops.

More Economical
Spies Hecker Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additives are now available in small containers with twist-off caps. “Because there is less product in the container they tend to be used completely with no product left over, which leads to reduced material waste disposal costs.

Simple to Use
Matching colours is quick and easy, the smaller packaging makes the Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additive even easier to dose. Another advantage - the Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additive no longer need to be stored and stirred on the mixing machine just simply shake the bottle before dosing is all it takes. The Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additive can be used in most 2K HS Clearcoats. Each colour formula for vehicles with a tinted clears will contain a formula for the effect colour, as well as a formula for the clearcoat.

Small Packaging, Simple Dosing
Small containers ensure the Permasolid® Clearcoat Colour Additive reach refinishers in the most efficient way possible to produce the right refinish solution.

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