SH KIT - 1 x 8045 CLEARCOAT 5L & 2 x 3307 HS HARDENER EX FAST 1L

8045 CLEARCOAT - A high grade MS clear coat with high reactivity, quick thorough drying.  This productive clear coat yields very good painting results with simple application and fast drying.  Very easy application and handling with outstanding gloss and flow.

  • Gloss the quick and easy way
  • Versatile in use with Permasolid® HS hardeners
  • Very short drying time
  • Excellent gloss and flow
  • Excellent polishing properties

3307 HS HARDENER EX FAST - Permasolid HS Top Coat Hardeners are the current hardeners of our High Solid system. Thanks to their high solids content, they can be applied economically and are therefore more friendly to the environment. Having four versions means that all painting conditions can be optimally catered for and highly reliable application is guaranteed.

CODE: 8045-3307L1 KIT



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