Extremely flexible colour mixing system, based on 29 very concentrated TINTERS and a wide series of resins (BINDERS) allowing you to obtain a wide range of TOPCOATS, PRIMERS and FILLERS to satisfy the needs of industrial applicators.


Is a base system which allows to obtain all the solid colours and some metallic colours

Lechsys is composed of:
28 Basecoats
1 Additive
55 Binders

The basecoats are available in 1 and 3,75 lt sizes. The binders are available in different pre-dosing sizes in order to obtain final products with 4 and 16 lt sizes.

More than 6000 industrial solid colours which allow you to obtain all the most important colours in the market, included the main international legislations (RAL, British Standard, Afnor, NCS,
Industrial Vehicles etc.).

They meet the demand of the reference market. The colour proposal is completed by the Master Chroma collection with more than 1400 brilliant colour cards are available in chromatic order. The complete colour offer allows to meet any kind of market reference demand.

Primers, Sealers and Fillers

It is possible to obtain anticorrosion epoxy, epoxyacrylic, synthetic, vinyl, phenol-synthetic, polyurethane, poliacrylic primers.

1K top-coats

It is possible to obtain different types of 1K top coats: synthetic, alkyd, nitro, acrylic, epoxy-ester, vinyl, chlorinated rubber and two coats top coats.

2K top-coats

It is possible to obtain different types of 2K top coats: MS and UHS polyurethane, MS and UHS acrylic, epoxy, soft-touch and nitro-acrylic top coats.

CODE: 29062L1



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