3M™ File Belt Sanders for Body Repair features the technology and versatility of our metalworking belt sanders in a size that’s ideal for automotive collision repair. This narrow-profile tool is excellent for cutting in tight areas, including cutting, dressing and refining spot welds as well as blending and finishing. This file belt sander is designed for use with 3M Cubitron™ II abrasives.

This automotive file belt sander fits smoothly into your hand and into your auto repair schedule. It operates at 495W and weighs just 907 gms. – plenty of power and excellent maneuverability for a range of jobs including spot weld removal. In many cases, the belt sander can replace a traditional spot weld drill. It is also great for efficient hem flange removal, surface prep, urethane, seam sealer and weld clean-up. Maneuverable and comfortable for fast, efficient work The 3M™ File Belt Sanders for Body Repair is especially suitable for sanding or grinding in tight areas such as between door panels or along sharp contours. The entire housing is rotatable, enabling the operator to turn and rotate the sander and the belt for hard-to-reach areas. The sanders weight is balanced throughout the unit, and a rotatable housing offers added comfort and control. This file belt tool is designed for use with 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasive Belts, created for performance grinding and long abrasive life. It features a replaceable rubber contact wheel that is designed to provide added flexibility and exert less pressure on the abrasive during use, further lengthening the life of the abrasive belt. About Cubitron™ II Abrasives 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasive products have raised the bar for high-performing abrasives. Engineers started with 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain and used technology to electrostatically orient each triangular structure on the backing to form sharp peaks and maximize cutting potential. These peaks act like individual cutting tools that slice through metal, and continuously shelf-sharpen as the points break off, ensuring extended high performance in heavy-duty production applications. The grains wear evenly and provide extra-long life and consistency with less grinding pressure. The result is that Cubitron™ II products out-cut and outlast every conventional ceramic industrial abrasive product on the market, maximizing productivity and minimizing belt stress and operator fatigue. Better Science for Better Sanding from 3M Our 3M™ File Belt Sanders for Body Repair is part of a complete portfolio of abrasives and tools specifically designed for auto repair. Its light weight, its power and its maneuverability combine to make it an excellent example of how 3M brings out the best in automotive collision repair projects: Science. Applied to Life.TM

  • Lightweight file belt sander is ideal for cutting and finishing work in body repair
  • Powerful 495W motor is excellent for collision repair applications
  • Light 907 gms. weight makes for greater maneuverability and less operator fatigue
  • Rotatable housing allows for use in a versatile range of tight spaces

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